Friday, July 31, 2009

Vegas of the South

Taking off for the "Vegas" of the south to Tunica Mississippi, to celebrate the DH big five O and to play in some Texas Holdem tournaments. The WSOP circut event is going on and we hope to get a chance to play in some of the qualifiers. I am not expecting much....but it sure will be fun. Several of our friends are joining us so it will be fun filled weekend...a kind of last hurrah before my surgery next week. So wish me luck and will post all the fun when I get back.
"...I'm All In"....just practicing!


  1. Judy, thank you for your well wishes, which I would like to return! Have a fun trip to "South Vegas" and I am wishing you the best for your surgery. After all, I want you to be here when I get back, to tell you about Tuscany!
    Take care!!

  2. Judy
    I know right at this very moment you're having a lot of FUN. Can't wait to hear more here when you get back. :-) Happy 50th Birthday to your husband!!

  3. Have always wanted to learn to play poker. It's on my To Do list. Hope you have a great time!